15. September 2011

Alpha 0.3

So, Time for a new Alpha. Not much happened since last time. I worked on some code optimization and the sword play.
There are 2 Attacks for now,
A to slice from top-down.
S to slice horizontally.


But, no 1st mission, ai and actual combat yet. Sorry. :/
Anyway, enjoy! ;)


Just testing the facebook-blog-connection.

14. September 2011

Alpha Time! - Once again...

So, here´s the new Alpha!

What´s new?
I worked on the menu, its by far not final, but looking much better now.
Also, "The Acadamy" is now nearly finished. Lightning is in, and also first scripting PLUS Speach Bubbles! Yeah!


Next Step will be to improve the fighting system and add actual combat and ai. Thus, one will be able to do the first mission. So, enjoy. ;)


Omg! Rockstar just released their first gameplay trailer of Max Payne 3. Take a look!

Ah, and yeah: This is also a test for posting videos in the blog. ;)



Just a neat little gem i discovered last night, King Arthurs Gold.

Its kind of a multiplayer version of terraria mixed with team fortress 2. The beta is for free, just give it a try. ;)

Ah, the Link. Enjoy.


12. September 2011

Alpha Time!

So, no Video, no Screen, but kind of a first release. ^^

Basically, its not even a game yet. But you can move, interact, and take a look at the first hub, "The Acadamy".
Main Menu:
Press "Down" to navigate, "Space" to select. For now, the load button is a placeholder. Select "New" if you want to start a...new...game, and end if you want to end the game. If you end it, u may get an error message. Ignore it and for gods sake, dont hate me. ^^

Use the arrow keys to move. Space makes u jump, press F to use. When something is highlighted, you may use it. Like...those doors, whitch are...highlighted.

Eventually u will stumble upon some kind of black doorway in the background, with a "1" to the left of it. Press up when you are in front of that doorway. Ull get to Level 2. Up again, level 3, down, Level 1. Max Level is Level 5.

If you see some npcs, look at them. Dont talk. They...cant talk. Yet. Just enjoy the looks and give me some feedback. ;)

AH! The link. Here u go. Enjoy. ;)


9. September 2011

Parallax Scrolling and Animations

I am making  progress.
The basic hero animations are finished, and the first level, "The Acadamy", is beginning to look pretty good. "The Acadamy" will serve as the main hub of the game. The player will get the majority of quests there, will be able to upgrade weapons, etc.
I implemented Parallax Scrolling and its looking awesome.
The code for highlighting and opening doors is finished.
Flags are already moving, i used a shader for that. Its not final, but pretty neat.

More coming soon. ;)

8. September 2011

The first Entry!

So, whats all of this about?

Its about Fury! An Indie-Game in Development.
The purpose of this wonderful, little blog is to keep you informed about Updates, Milestones, Alphas, Betas, Cheese, whatsoever.

To start things, here is a screenshot taken from the early main menu. Enjoy.