12. September 2011

Alpha Time!

So, no Video, no Screen, but kind of a first release. ^^

Basically, its not even a game yet. But you can move, interact, and take a look at the first hub, "The Acadamy".
Main Menu:
Press "Down" to navigate, "Space" to select. For now, the load button is a placeholder. Select "New" if you want to start a...new...game, and end if you want to end the game. If you end it, u may get an error message. Ignore it and for gods sake, dont hate me. ^^

Use the arrow keys to move. Space makes u jump, press F to use. When something is highlighted, you may use it. Like...those doors, whitch are...highlighted.

Eventually u will stumble upon some kind of black doorway in the background, with a "1" to the left of it. Press up when you are in front of that doorway. Ull get to Level 2. Up again, level 3, down, Level 1. Max Level is Level 5.

If you see some npcs, look at them. Dont talk. They...cant talk. Yet. Just enjoy the looks and give me some feedback. ;)

AH! The link. Here u go. Enjoy. ;)


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